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Biteex Cryptocurrency Exchanges

1 Million
7.5 Million

What Do We Do?

Biteex bridges the gap between the merchants and the buyers by bringing blockchain technology through its exchange. It focuses on building a channel which eliminates the gateways that become roadblocks while commencing volume transactions.


ICO Sale 1BTX = 1.2 USD

Only 3M BTX Will be Issued During
ICO Sale 2nd Round

1BTX = 0.4 USD

Pre Sale

Total Token 3M BTX

1BTX = 0.8 USD

ICO 1st Round

Total Token 3M BTX

1BTX = 1.2 USD

ICO 2nd Round

Total Token 3M BTX

Features of Biteex

Biteex integrates peer-to-peer architecture in its mechanism and makes crypto trading easier than ever.

Biteex Media Presence


This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • May 2018

    Creation of the idea of
    Biteex project

  • August 2018

    The prototype of Biteex

  • 1st October 2018

    Start of ICO

  • 1st December 2018

    Launch of Biteex

  • 1st Feb 2019

    Exchange updated version

  • 15th March 2019

    Mobile Application

Biteex ICO Listing

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